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Beijing International Convention Center is a five-star convention center owned by the Beijing North Star Industrial Group LLC. Located in the Beijing Olympic Business District, we have a view of the Beijing Olympic venues to the north, the Fourth Ring Road to the north, and we are situated directly east of the Beijing North Star Continental Grand Hotel, with which we share indoor links. Since 2002, we have partnered with the Beijing North Star Continental Grand Hotel to deliver a seamless business experience. By integrating our business operations, we have captured an ever-expanding share of the market, and provide conference, exhibit, office, residence, entertainment, and shopping services under one roof.

Beijing International Convention Center has won several industry titles, including “Best International Convention Venue”, “China Ten Best Exhibition Brand”, “China Ten Best Hotel and Convention Center Operator”, “Best Convention Company”, etc.


Accommodation Information

Accommodation Information

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Distance Fro Beijing International            Convention Center

  Beijing North Star            Continental Grand Hotel  

4 Stars

NO.8,Beichen Dong Road,            Chaoyang District,Beijing, China

Twin Room RMB 730 yuan    (including breakfast)

2 minutes walk

National Jade Hotel

4 Stars

No.19, Huizhong li,Yayun Cun,   Chaoyang district,Beijing ,China

Twin Room RMB540 yuan     (including breakfast)

11 minutes walk

Asian Sports Village         Beijing Hotel

quasi- three- star

No.8,Beichen Dong Road,             Chaoyang District,Beijing ,China

Twin Room or Queen Room    RMB410 yuan(including      breakfast)

10 minutes walk

Huiyuan Service               Apartment - Beijing

Quasi- five- star

NO.8,Beichen Dong Road,            Chaoyang District,Beijing, China

Twin Room RMB630 yuan     (including breakfast)

9 minutes walk

Beijing Comfort Suites

4 stars

No.302,Huizhong Beili,Chaoyang District,Beijing ,China

Twin Room or Queen Room    RMB600 yuan (including     breakfast )

20 minutes walk

Aoyou Hotel

3 stars

Gate 11,Building J,Huiyuan apartmet,Yayuncun,Chaoyang               district,Beijing,China

Twin Room or Queen Room    RMB380 yuan(including      breakfast)

9 minutes walk

1.The price quotedabove is including service charge.

2.Please fill outthe Hotel Reservation Form and fax or mail to us. We will confirm thereservation as soon as we

receive the form.

3.Werequire one day's room charge as adeposit for guests without reservation. Please be informedbefore 2 days if cancellation take place .

4.Please fax ormail the Hotel Reservation Form to us before Oct.17. due to housing shortage.

5.We can not makesure to get the most favorable price if reservation take place after Oct.17.

6.You can get bestprice if 5 or more rooms can be booked.

7.We will be atyour service if you have any other requirement.

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