2017 International Electrical and Energy Conference

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Brief of CES

 China Electrotechnical Society(CES) is a National Society founded in 1981.It is registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs with the China Association for Science and Technology(CAST) as its business executives and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the state Council(SASAC) as its administrative body. It is managed by the China Machinery Industry Federation(CMIF).

  The highest authority of CES is the National Congress and the governing body is the council and the standing council. Since its establishment, seven council elections had been held. The current 8th council(2015- ) is consisted of 187 directors including 58 standing directors. There are one headquarter, eight committees and 54 professional boards. It also keeps in close touch with 17 provincial and municipal societies. By now, CES has over50.000 personal members including 2.000 senior personal members and more than 1500 organization members. The council members are all accomplished persons from both academia and enterprise in Chinese Electrical science and technology areas, and there are 11 academicians among them. Many research institutions,colleges & universities, enterprises and corporations are also organization members and governing units of CES. Publications: Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society, Electrical Engineering, Newsletter of China Electrotechnical Society.